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Building Joy: A Construction & Smiley Themed Joint Sibling Birthday Celebration!

Embarking on the journey of crafting a joint birthday celebration for siblings with distinct interests can be quite the challenge. Imagine merging the classic and rugged vibes of a construction theme, emanating a more masculine touch, with the lively and cheerfully feminine essence of a "One Happy Babe" theme. The real magic happens when you can find that sweet spot where both themes seamlessly blend into one cohesive and joyful celebration. Enter yours truly, Haute House Kids. Raleigh's luxury children's event planner and designer.

Creating bespoke experiences and tailor made designs is our passion. I share this particular event as our very first blog post to illustrate the possibilities for themes and decor, and perhaps maybe even inspire you to invite us to bring your event to life. Whether you're looking to please your child with a branded animated character theme but want it to be aesthetically pleasing and unique, or you don't know where to start and need ideas, we specialize in meticulous design and intentionally planned celebrations.

Without further ado, let us take you back to this beautiful crisp and sunny November day in Raleigh, North Carolina where we celebrated two very special birthdays!

The challenge was not just about incorporating both themes but creating a color palette that would tie everything together. Lively goldenrod and pinks from Laney's "One Happy Babe" side harmonized effortlessly with the oranges and yellows of Carter's construction zone side. It turned out to be a perfect blend, creating an atmosphere that resonated with the playful spirit of the one and three year old siblings.

From construction accessories, including a vest with tools hung on a backdrop to smiley faces and rainbows sprinkled throughout, every detail was carefully curated.

The themes themselves were our launchpad but our client also shared details about the birthday girl that allowed us to infuse her personality even further into the celebration and help make her milestone birthday extra special. She shared that Laney absolutely adores music and in particular, the song "Whenever I See Your Smiling Face" by North Carolina's very own James Taylor so we added that line with a twist to the rainbow arch and paired it with a little guitar.

To further tie in her love of music, cue the stunning floral filled Melissa & Doug bright pink piano. I've got to say, this was the event's pièce de résistance for me. I love surprising my clients with our tablescapes as they provide unexpected delights. Our Haute House Kids team is detail obsessed so let us do our thing and we'll go above and beyond with our ideas!

With lots of kiddos in attendance, we also made sure to prioritize plenty of entertainment and fun for everyone. By Laney's side of the feature wall, a cozy music zone with kiddo size furniture and a basket filled with kiddo instruments created a welcoming space for little guests to experience the joy of creating music! Just near Carter's side of the feature wall and kid's table, we placed a custom sand filled sandbox and filled it with construction truck toys for a fun themed sensory element.

Plenty of ways for kiddos to burn energy equals extra happy parents at the end of the party! A bounce house paired with soft play and a ball pit alongside our bubble house kept guests busy and entertained.

In every way, it was an absolutely delightful smash.

If you have a unique vision for your child's celebration, let Haute House Kids be your partner in making it come to life. We're here to turn any creative challenge into a masterpiece and ensure your event is a truly memorable experience. To get started, fill out our inquiry form and we'll be in touch.

Au revoir, cher ami! Until next time.

xx Laura

vendor credits

Event planning & design @hautehousekids

Backdrops & sandbox table @dialwoodcustoms

Photography @annakaitphoto

Bounce & Soft Play @playfunparty

Construction Truck Cutout @redeyedesigns305

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